Month: March 2019

12 Mar by CHOGM

What Is the Importance of Sports in Our Lives?

Does playing sports benefit you or your lad? Of course yes, any kind of physical activity promotes good physical as well as mental health. It ensures that all your supporting friends (heart, brain, liver, kidney, muscle, etc) stay fit, and this eventually helps you live longer! The physical activities or sports could be football, cricket, basketball, volleyball etc.

Should Sports Be Made a Compulsory To-Do Thing for All?

According to one U.S statistic, during the 2010-2011 period, almost 55% of the high school students participated in the sports. This actually gets a positive impact on both the kids and parents.

Physical Benefits

Physical Benefits Sports help you sweat, and this burns a lot of calories. This way you can become healthier and stronger, and this can also decrease the obesity rates. Those who remain active will less likely have issues like diabetes and blood pressure. Also, playing sports right from childhood will show you positive impact during adulthood. So, keep the game on!

Helps in Socialising

Helps in Socialising It's only during the games, the kids or students get time to interact well with each other. Builds the relationship between the peers, and allows them to spend time in a healthy environment. Also, kids from a low-income family who don't have many resources for the socializing can still benefit from sports without a lot of investment.

Increases the Focus

Increases the focus Those who play better tend to get do better at academics. Now, there are students who don't play yet score well, however, all the students who are into sports have been doing well and consistent in studies. These kids also have lower dropout rates.

Teaches You Human Values

Teaches You Human Values Sports can also teach you many valuable lessons regarding life and values. This is something that you won't find in any of school textbooks, ever. Some of these lessons include trust, friendship, to respect all, the importance of teamwork, how to be humble, self-respect, stress management, confidence, etc. What are the other benefits of sports that you can recall at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!