Month: June 2020

22 Jun by CHOGM

FaceTime vs WhatsApp for PC: Who wins the race?

If you have a missed or rejected video call, you can click the FaceTime PC message to send the person an iMessage. Did you know that FaceTime supports up to 31 simultaneous video calls? Talk about a party line! It is called FaceTime Group. To use it you need iOS 12.1.4 or higher. During a […]
5 Jun by CHOGM

How is the life at the MyLowesLife?

Adam Pittenger knows change is difficult, after all, he has changed eight times in the past seven years. Pittenger said the process can be stressful for several reasons, including the fact that most people can’t move because they don’t move as often as he does (seriously, eight times). Stupid. ) Also, a lot of planning […]
4 Jun by CHOGM

How is DGCustomerFirst expanding itself in small towns?

If you are not familiar with Dollar General, you will be. The retailer has 14,000 stores in 44 states, almost three times more than Walmart. 1,000 stores have been added each year for the past four years. The general dollar is ubiquitous in small towns in the South and Midwest. Cities that are too small […]