CHOGM is an acronym for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. It is held every two (2) years and brings together Commonwealth leaders to discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to agree upon collective policies and initiatives.

For over ten years the Commonwealth Foundation, in collaboration with government and civil society in a host country has organized a Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) immediately preceding the CHOGM. This Forum provides opportunities for networking and interaction among a cross-section of civil society organizations (CSO) in the host country and in the Commonwealth. The Forum also showcases the work and contribution of these organizations to the fundamental principles and values of the Commonwealth with particular reference to cultural exchange, sustainable development and good governance.

Past CPFs have been held in Edinburgh (1997), Durban(1999), Brisbane(2001), Nigeria (2003), Malta (2005) and Uganda (2007). Activities have included a range of civil society meetings, exhibitions and cultural performances. A recent addition to the CPF is the Commonwealth People’s Space which was launched in Kampala, Uganda and was open to members of the general public and provided a platform to showcase Uganda’s talent and to celebrate the Commonwealth.

Discussions at the CPF complement the CHOGM theme and their conclusions and recommendations are presented to the Heads of Government in the form of Statements or Communiqués.


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