Are UPSers hiding packages?

1 Jul by CHOGM

Are UPSers hiding packages?

Ebony Freeman recently received a new rug from a friend who said, “Please hide your husband’s packages,” reports Fox 13. The Texas-born girl apparently liked the rug and hung it on the front door. from your house.

A few days later, she apparently received a package and the delivery man followed the instructions on the mat. Unfortunately, the package was a long, elongated package that was in no way covered by the carpet.

Freeman posted a photo of the package on Facebook titled “OMG, look! The UPSers guy hid it under the rug!” Divided.

The post quickly went viral and received over 7,000 reactions, 10,000 comments, and 48,000 actions.

It is not the first time that delivery drivers take great photos.

In 2017, a trend spread online in which UPSers drivers pose with dogs on their delivery routes. An online group called UPSers Dogs was founded by one of the company’s drivers. West Virginia Sean McCarren founded the group after discovering that her phone was full of photos of puppies she found at work.

It was a simple gesture, but it made some people cry.

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A video camera from an Oklahoma homeowner recorded a UPS driver who stopped short to lift a US flag that was attached to the pole by the wind.

The driver was not identified, but the reserved act was even more exciting since it took place on Memorial Day, Fox 23 reported.

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Chelsie Ashley, identified as a customer, told the station that the UPS driver did not know he was being watched and said, “I thought it was great what I did when no one was watching.”

Ashley told the network that the video had drawn a lot of attention and was even contacted by a veteran who said he cried while looking at the photos.

“It touched me because it makes vets cry. This flag represents a lot, it’s very heavy and I wanted everyone to know how much we respect our vets. Something exciting and positive is happening right now,” he said.

In northern California, a search for people was started Thursday night for two suspects who reportedly robbed three United Package Service drivers at gunpoint in several incidents this week.

The gun suspects asked drivers to open the van door before taking out various packages and fled with a black Honda, police in San José said, KRON-TV reported.

The three flights took place 16 kilometers away in San José.

The first flight took place on Tuesday night and the other two took place 45 minutes after Wednesday night, KRON reported.

The surveillance video received by KPIX-TV shows the driver during the last flight that he was lying face down on the street during the theft of his truck.

I even thought this person would follow the truck driver and it was Cyber ​​Monday [this week] said a neighbor who did not want to be identified at the station. These are terrible days. People are getting desperate.

However, a UPSers driver was killed in Florida on Thursday after two suspects hijacked a van and led police to a chase that ended in a shooting. The two thieves were killed with a driver in another vehicle.

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