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Queen Elizabeth’s Speech given at Formal Opening of CHOGM | Reception

You would have already seen the speech on the TV or online, where Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth addressed the audience gathered at the Opening Ceremony of the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) which was held in the month of April. Formal Speech Given by Queen Elizabeth at CHOGM Queen started off the speech with addressing to the Prime Minister May, Prime Minister of Muscat, Secretary-General and to all the ladies and gentlemen.

Queen Elizabeth's Speech given at Formal Opening of CHOGM

Her Majesty started off with immense gratitude of calling her to all the opening ceremonies held at the CHOGM meets, and it felt more special as it was held at the Buckingham Palace. The speech continued in this way - "It was in the year 1952 when my father had a meeting with the Government Head and they confirmed the London Declaration which then led to the formation CommonWealth Games as it is now known to people. Currently, we all are the biggest convening powers in the world and it is getting stronger every year. It feels great to be part of different initiatives like the Commonwealth Canopy, Commonwealth Blue Charter, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is offering eye-treatment solutions to millions of the people. This is only possible with the cooperation and generosity of the nations who are part of us today. Also, it feels great to see the young minds joining with our initiatives with the help of the technology. It feels immense pleasure and honor in serving as the Head of the Commonwealth Games with pride and satisfaction. It will be my wish that Commonwealth will keep offering the stability and continuity to the coming generation." While ending the CHOGM meeting at Buckingham speech, she mentioned another thing about deciding Prince of Wales to take charge of the Commonwealth and carry on the work started by her father in the year 1949. This was how Queen's speech went during the opening session of the Commonwealth Games. Hope you enjoyed reading the snippet of the speech. If you want to get more updates on the CHOGM, then follow us on chogm 2009!
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Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Coffee Maker!!

Everyone is addicted to coffee nowadays either in the breakfast or during the dessert. On the basis of your daily needs, it is important that your equipment should be in tip-top shape. The lifespan of a coffee maker can vary greatly. Some Coffee maker is used over a few decade while some other last for few years only. Its all depends on the brand, quality, and daily maintenance. Here are three signs that indicate that it's time to replace your coffee machine.Know when it is time to replace the Coffee Maker

Signs to Replace your Coffee Maker

Here, we are going to discuss the signs that indicate that it might be time to replace your Coffee Maker. Let's have a look at the some of the points discussed below. Your Coffee Maker Leaks: Coffee maker after years of use begin to damage. If your brewer has some loose parts then you will notice a small amount of water around the coffee maker. In addition, you might also observe that your equipment is no longer brewing at full volume. The equipment that leaks can be an issue of safety because water and electricity when mixes can give you an electric shock. So, it is better to replace these machines as soon as possible. Other reads: Cheapest Ping Pong Tables Which You Must Have a Look At in 2018 You run out Coffee every morning: If all the coffee ends from the break room by 9 am, it is probably time to upgrade your coffee maker. You need to buy large coffee maker or multiple machines. Compact brewers are perfect for the smaller offices with the limited space. So you need to take the required coffee maker according to your needs. Your equipment is old: If you are using coffee maker for several years then it may be time to upgrade the older one with newer one. New brewers include more energy savings and come with the latest features that will save your expenses. Many new brewers are multi-functional and provide the selections of both teas and coffees. Change in the Coffee Tastes: On the basis of your personal tastes that have changed with the time. In that case, you need to replace your coffee maker. The new coffee maker will certainly change the taste of coffee with the new way of processed, roasted, and brewed. Water doesn't get Hot: The required temperature for brewing coffee is between 90.6 to 96.1-degree Celcius. But, many coffee makers fail to reach even the lower range of temperature. Even if your coffee maker brews coffee at the correct temperature, the heating element may wear out with time. The sign of this will be the coffee taste slightly sour.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Study finds that a dirty coffee maker contains more bacteria than some spots in your bathroom. So, it is harmful to drink up the bacteria and the mold which has been left to grow on the surface of the appliance. Here, we are going to discuss how to clean your Coffee Maker. It is essential for the lifespan of the coffee maker also. Find out: What Are the Benefits of Water Softener Systems? Wash removable parts after use: It is essential to wash the removable parts because it helps to remove the coffee, grinds, and oil left over it. It is also important to wipe down the outside and the warming plate where spills can burn on. Remove compounds from your machine: Over the time hard water minerals stick to the inner part of the machine which makes your coffee takes longer to drip. To get back the machine in tip-top shape, you need to clean and remove the compounds stick to the machine. Wipe down and Ressemble: Wipe down the exterior of your coffee maker and clean the carafe and filter basket in hot or soapy water. After that, reassemble all the parts and brew a cup of coffee. We have discussed all the important points which indicate that you need to replace the old coffee maker with the new one. Further, you can get more information related to this topic from our website chogm2009.
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Difference between Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Launched Recently

After releasing the Arlo Pro camera, Netgear is back with another one which is called an Arlo Pro 2 that fulfill the camera with some fantastic features. The new model supports 1080 video format and offers high-quality video recordings. That means if strangers want to enter your home then they can help you better recognize the suspect. By looking at the images of Arlo Pro Cameras, you can not spot the difference. The differences are in the technology. We will tell you the differences in both the cameras here. The second version of Arlo Pro is compatible with the first and second generation base stations. Also, you can easily get the Arlo Wire Free, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 cameras within the same system.Difference between Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2

Difference Between Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2

We have already discussed that you can't find the difference in both the camera by looking into the images. The differences are in its features and functions. Here, we are going to list out the difference between both the cameras. Arlo Pro: Arlo Pro includes packages ranging from one to four cameras and also the base station included in it. It is easy to install due to the cordless design and magnetic mounts. The magnetic base allows you to the adjust the view of the camera easily. Also, the camera is based on the chargeable battery which doesn't require any power adapter to continuously power it. Further, you need to charge the battery after every four months. The Arlo Pro comes with the resolution of 720p which is same as the original camera. The viewing angles are 130 degrees that provide wide viewing angle. At night, they provide up to 25 feet of night vision using 850nm IR LEDs. Read more: Cheapest Ping Pong Tables Which You Must Have a Look At in 2018 The base station of Arlo Pro includes siren that is controlled using the app or set to sound automatically if the loud sound or a motion is detected. Moreover, the siren sounds loud to make you aware from the long distances. Arlo Pro 2: It lets you see everything that goes inside the home. The high definition pixels allows you to keep eyes on the stranger and helps to recognize the suspect in a better way. You can get notifications and alerts for motion and large sounds on your smartphone through the application. After all, it provides 130-degree wide angle view. The Arlo Pro 2 packages include four cameras with audio and a base station. Arlo Pro 2 is consists of  2-way audio, with a speaker and microphone. Security siren rings from the base station either through motion or manually. It supports continuous video recordings and available for a monthly fee if you want continuous recordings. Night vision allows you to see anything clearly even in the low light.Features of both Arlo Pro Cameras

Features of Both the Arlo Pro Cameras

Here, we will see the similarities of Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 camera because most of the features of both the cameras are similar. Only there is a difference in the image and video quality. Let's have a look at the features of both the camera. Easy DIY: Turning Salt Water Into Drinking Water Using Solar Power
  • They provide free cloud storage recording for seven days.
  • Works with the rechargeable batteries. So, there is no worry of providing the power to them.
  • Notifications and alerts for sound and motion detection.
  • Weather resistant and waterproof. So, you don't have to worry about the damage to your camera during the monsoon season.
  • 2-Way audio with speaker and microphone is provided inside the cameras.
  • Night vision allows you to watch everything even in low light up to 25 feet distance.
  • Compatible with the same smart home products including Wink, Alexa, SmartThings, etc
That's all about the differences between Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras. Hope, you understand the differences between these two cameras. Further, you can get more information related to this wireless camera from our website chogum2009.
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Turning Salt Water Into Drinking Water Using Solar Power | Facts

Scientists are turning salt water into the drinking water by using the sustainable solar power. It works well and energy efficient. The oldest method for converting fresh water from salt water is the distillation process. Salt water is first boiled and then steam is collected and made to pass through the condensing coil. But it was energy inefficient because the amount of water required for boiling and producing steam adds to fuel costs. Further, the latest technology for water desalination takes place through membrane distillation, where the boiled salt water is made to flow from one side of a porous membrane. Further, the cold water is made to pass from the other side. But the energy costs are still more because heat loss is more in this process. However, the energy requirements are less compared to the traditional distillation. Thus, we are going to discuss how to convert the salt water into drinking water using solar power.Solar Powered Desalination

How it Works

The demand for global freshwater is increasing day by day in many parts of the world. In future, most of the people will face freshwater scarcity due to the increasing demand for the water and their supplies. However, salt water is available in abundant quantity. That's why scientists have made the technology that could convert the salt water into fresh water with less energy utilization using the solar power. Here, we will discuss how solar power converts the salt water into drinking water. Best Picks: Cheapest Ping Pong Tables Which You Must Have a Look At in 2018 Solar Distillation: By using the process, it is possible to produce drinking water economically from small units as well as large ones. The cost of water produced from a medium sized is less than 3 Euro per cubic meter. The working principle is simple. Salt Water is added to an upper channel in controlled amounts. From there, it starts falling over wicks and a black color observer through the collector. A part of the water starts evaporating due to the energy of the sun and the steam condense under the glass cover. Both the condensation runs into the channel. The untreated water is collected in front of it and it is diverted outside of the collector. Although it looks simple to understand, the development process requires solutions to different problems. Use of seawater requires a special alloy. Also, use of stainless alloy for all the components is necessary.Location of Solar Distillation

Location of Solar Desalination

Many desalination plants are established in countries like Saudi Arabia because of the scarcity of the drinking water. They use waste heat generated as a byproduct of the oil-fired electricity generating plant. This means that the energy needed for desalination is free of cost. The desalination process is provided with the large cluster of sunlight-concentrating mirrors. But the installation of mirrors would be expensive. A location should be like where the maximum amount of sunlight can reach on the solar panel. Other Reads: Why mSpy is #1 mobile monitoring app? This technology is a boon for the people who are residing in the countries like Saudi Arabia where drinking water is not available in abundant. But the oil and gas are cheaper. Qatar has established several thermal based desalination plants with the money they got by selling gas to the European country. There are still 1.3 billion people with insufficient drinking water supplies and 13,000 people die each day from the illness related to the drinking water. This leads to a situation in the poorer countries where people risk their health and their lives due to the lack of money. Solar distillation plants have already been around for a number of years for desalination of seawater. That's all about How to convert Salt Water into Drinking Water using Solar Power. Further, you can get more information about this article from our website chogm2009.
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What Are the Benefits of Water Softener Systems?

Hard water contains an excess amount of minerals like iron and calcium that can create a number of problems. Water softener systems remove the number of metal concentrations available in the hard water and provide several benefits. In this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of Water Softener Systems. Hard Water clogs the pipes and does not allow the soap and detergent to dissolve in water. Further, it reduces the efficiency of your water heater due to the creation of scalp inside the pipes and water appliances. That is why it is necessary to use a Water Softener System that removes the minerals and makes the water soft for use.Benefits of Water Softener Systems

Benefits of Water Softener Systems

There are several benefits of Water Softeners Systems which we are going to explain here. Let's have a look at the points below: Faster Water Heating: Water heaters can heat the softened water faster than the hard water. Also, the soft water increases the efficiency by twenty-two percent for water heaters leading to the reduction in energy consumption and low electricity bills. Hard water blocks the path of the water flowing through the pipes with the metals or minerals available in it. Increased Life of Appliance: The minerals available in the hard water reduces the life of the appliances as well as decreases the overall efficiency. As per as experts, water softening system extends the life of the several appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, utensils, and dishwashers. The longer lifespans of the appliances can save your money and also it is benefits for the environment resulting in the least waste used. Easy to Clean: Clothes and dishes usually washed in hard water have white spots, streaks, and soapy residue left on it. Water Softeners helps to rinse soap residue more thoroughly, leaving your clothes and dishes cleaner. Further, soft water reduces soaps or detergents amount you need for cleaning that further adds to your savings. Cleaner Piping System: Hard water cause the minerals deposits inside the pipes and plumbing fixtures. As with the days spent, these deposits cause blockage and corrosion inside the pipes and reduces the lifespan of the plumbing system. Water softening system minimizes the possibility of corrosion and clogs inside the pipes. According to the Water Quality Association, if you are using hard water then the head of your shower will be so choked that they become useless after two years.Know the Difference

Know the Difference

The easiest way you to observe whether it is hard water or soft water by looking on the lather on the soap. You can also observe it by looking at the utensils, sinks, and anything where the water touches. When the water dries up you will notice the different look on it. It will not as clean and even it is not safe for drinking also. Further, there are various health-related issues involved with it which should be eliminated with the help of water softener systems. Other Reads: Why mSpy is #1 mobile monitoring app? Hard Water Causes: Soap to create a white film instead of a foam lather. The soap will remain on your skin also and it will not rinse off cleanly. Also, you can predict the difference by looking at your shower or tub. Hard water leaves a white mineral scalp on your surfaces. These scalps are a mixture of calcium and magnesium which stay under the pipe and clogs them. Soft water preserves the life of all the water appliances such as washing machine, ice makers, coffee maker, etc. Further, reduces the yearly energy costs of that appliances by 22-29%. That's all about the benefits of Water Softener Systems. Further, you can get more information related to this article from our website chogm2009.