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16 Jan by CHOGM

Cheapest Ping Pong Tables Which You Must Have a Look At in 2018

Ping Pong Tables is one of the great ways to spend time with the friends, family, and colleagues. Also, it is one of the fastest growing sports across the globe. Most of the people confuse with the Ping Pong Table and Table Tennis. Ping Pong is the name for playing as a hobby or for fun whereas table tennis is the name of the competitive sports. But, both the names are similar. While playing with the friends or colleagues, you get competition sometimes. Unfortunately, it is called ping pong. However, playing Ping-Pong table is not so cheap at all because getting the better quality ping pong table costs more initially. There are various brands and types available to buy according to your choices and savings.

Cheapest Ping Pong Table to Look at in 2018

To enjoy a game of Ping Pong Table, you need to have the right equipment especially a high-end ping pong table. These tables come at different prices and specifications depending on the quality of the table. However, it is important to know you that which Ping Pong Table is cheaper for you depending on the basis of expenses and savings.JOOLA Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table JOOLA Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table: It is one of the most reliable and cheaper Table Tennis. This table is good for the small spaces and spare rooms. Pros:
  • It is good for multi-use as both the halves are a perfect square.
  • Compact as both the legs can be folded and can be stored in most decent size cupboards.
  • Regulation height is narrow compared to a regular table. It stands as tall as a regular sized table that makes it good for small players also.
  • It includes set of clamps and net to attach to the table. Very easy to use because it includes two metal clamps which are easy to hold the net.
  • It doesn't require assembly and it makes your life much comfortable.
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  • It is not of the full size and suitable for small rooms and will not give you real feelings of Table Tennis like professionals.East Point Sports Table Tennis
East Point Sports Table Tennis: It is another reliable Ping Pong Table of sports brand. Although, it doesn't include tennis table equipment. Pros: 
  • A folding table that quickly splits into two separate halves and provides enough space for the four players.
  • The set includes net and storage system where four paddles and six balls can be located in the middle of the table.
  • The table is also having 2-inch wheels table to move the table from storage to the playing zone.
  • It has rust-resistant steel frames for longer durability and to keep the table stronger for a longer time.
  • The set includes only a net. But, you need to purchase balls and paddles separately.
  • The overall cost increases with the purchase of the paddles and balls which is an issue.JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis
JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis: It is also a foldable ping pong table with two halves fold inwards and apart. It allows the table tennis lover to play as professionals with the good dimensions. Other Reads: What Are the Benefits of Water Softener Systems? Pros:
  • It is easy to fold and place in the right place.
  • Able to store anywhere with the wheelchair accessible.
  • It is perfect table tennis for the Tennis Lover and who wants to play professional Table Tennis.
  • It is effortless to put together and comes with assembled parts that provide you more relaxation.
  • Adjust the height of your regular table to your personal preferences. This allows the smaller player to play easily on a perfect level.
  • The quality of the table is not so good as it looks from outside.
Further, if you are looking for the recreational Ping Pong Table that you can use in all weathers then you should opt for JOOLA Nova Table Tennis. However, we have discussed the three Ping Pong Table which you should look at in 2018 in terms of cheap price and good quality. Further, you can get more information related to this topic from our website chogm2009.