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2 Jul by CHOGM

Queen Elizabeth’s Speech given at Formal Opening of CHOGM | Reception

You would have already seen the speech on the TV or online, where Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth addressed the audience gathered at the Opening Ceremony of the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) which was held in the month of April. Formal Speech Given by Queen Elizabeth at CHOGM Queen started off the speech with addressing to the Prime Minister May, Prime Minister of Muscat, Secretary-General and to all the ladies and gentlemen.

Queen Elizabeth's Speech given at Formal Opening of CHOGM

Her Majesty started off with immense gratitude of calling her to all the opening ceremonies held at the CHOGM meets, and it felt more special as it was held at the Buckingham Palace. The speech continued in this way - "It was in the year 1952 when my father had a meeting with the Government Head and they confirmed the London Declaration which then led to the formation CommonWealth Games as it is now known to people. Currently, we all are the biggest convening powers in the world and it is getting stronger every year. It feels great to be part of different initiatives like the Commonwealth Canopy, Commonwealth Blue Charter, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is offering eye-treatment solutions to millions of the people. This is only possible with the cooperation and generosity of the nations who are part of us today. Also, it feels great to see the young minds joining with our initiatives with the help of the technology. It feels immense pleasure and honor in serving as the Head of the Commonwealth Games with pride and satisfaction. It will be my wish that Commonwealth will keep offering the stability and continuity to the coming generation." While ending the CHOGM meeting at Buckingham speech, she mentioned another thing about deciding Prince of Wales to take charge of the Commonwealth and carry on the work started by her father in the year 1949. This was how Queen's speech went during the opening session of the Commonwealth Games. Hope you enjoyed reading the snippet of the speech. If you want to get more updates on the CHOGM, then follow us on chogm 2009!
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Commonwealth Youth Forum Fact Sheet

What is the Commonwealth Youth Forum? The Commonwealth Youth Forum, more popularly known as the “CYF”, is an event which brings together young people from the Commonwealth nations to discuss issues of contemporary importance and enables them to identify their own agendas and prioritize issues of importance to youth. The CYF provides an independent platform for representatives of the Commonwealth member countries to consider the Youth agenda at the same time as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). What is the role of the National Secretariat for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting? The National Secretariat for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) and the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council (CYEC) coordinates and resources the CYF. The National Secretariat has overall responsibility for coordinating the CHOGM and all of its associated events. What is the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council (CYEC)? CYEC is a youth development Civil Society Organization (CSO) which believes young adults are an essential resource for the development of Commonwealth nations. The organization supports youth-led development activities and high quality community-based youth exchange. Young athletes were missing in commonwealth games, authorities have to increase security. It promotes young people’s skills exchange, youth organization capacity-building and inter-change, and provides a platform for young people’s voices to be heard throughout the Commonwealth. CYEC is the founder, facilitator and supporter of the Commonwealth Youth Forum which has developed as a pan Commonwealth platform for young people to share concerns and recommendations with the wider Commonwealth at the time of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and beyond. What is the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP)? CYP works to engage and empower young people between the ages of 15 and 29 to enhance their contribution to development. The organization’s mission is grounded within a rights based approach, guided by the realities facing young people in the Commonwealth, and anchored in the belief that young people are:
  • A force for peace, democracy, equality and good governance;
  • A catalyst for global consensus building; and
  • An essential resource for poverty eradication and sustainable development.
How many CYF’s have been held in the past? Forum for Commonwealth Youth has been held alongside CHOGM gatherings in:
  • Edinburgh, Scotland in 1997;
  • Durban, South Africa in 1999;
  • Gold Coast, Australia in October, 2001;
  • Abuja, Nigeria in 2003;
  • Malta in November, 2005 and
  • Entebbe, Uganda in 2007
This year’s CYF will be the seventh and is therefore called “CYF7” When will the CYF7 be held? Saturday 21– Friday 27 November, 2009. Where will the CYF7 be held? CYF7 will be held in both Tobago and Trinidad respectively. From November 21-23, the Forum will be held in Tobago at Vanguard Holdings Limited, formerly Tobago Hilton and will continue in Trinidad from November 23-27 on the Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship. How often is the CYF organized? CYF is organized every two (2) years to coincide with the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Why have a CYF?
  • To develop young people’s understanding of the Commonwealth and its values;
  • To create a platform for young people to contribute to Commonwealth and CHOGM agendas; and
  • To promote networking and interchange between young people and their organisations.
What is the theme? CYF7’s theme is: Invest in Youth, Sustain the World. What will be the sub-themes discussed at CYF7?
  • Youth Involvement in Decision Making
  • Economic Crisis
  • Climate Change
  • Peace Building
Who attends the CYF?
  • Youth between the ages of 18 -29
How many people can attend the CYF7? A total of 600 youth comprising both local and international delegates will attend the Forum How many CYF7 delegates will come from outside of Trinidad and Tobago? Approximately 150 international delegates are expected to attend. What is the event schedule? Friday 20th November
  • Arrivals
  • Registration
  • Welcome event
Saturday 21st November
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Orientation
  • Keynote Plenary – Invest in Youth, Sustain the World
  • Assembly 1
Sunday 22nd November
  • Thematic Plenary – Youth Involvement in Decision Making
  • Assembly 2
  • Cultural Night
Monday 23rd November
  • Learning Journeys
  • Sail to Trinidad
  • Registration and Check-in on Caribbean Princess
Tuesday 24th November
  • Plenary - Orientation
  • Thematic Plenary 2 – Promoting Economic Growth: Building Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Assembly 3
  • Thematic Plenary 3 – Peace Building
  • Assembly 4
  • Skills Building
Wednesday 25th November
  • Thematic Plenary 4 – Climate Change
  • Assembly 5
  • Presentation of Foreign Ministers Statement to Plenary
  • Skills Building 3
  • Foreign Ministers Dialogue
  • Action Plan Synchronization
  • Communiqué discussion
Thursday 26th November
  • Presentation of Action Plan – Networks and Individual
  • Skills Building 3
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Visit to Commonwealth People’s Forum: People’s Space
Friday 27th November
  • Evaluation Plenary
  • Creative Presentations
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Cultural Fiesta
31 Oct by CHOGM

The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF)

CHOGM is an acronym for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. It is held every two (2) years and brings together Commonwealth leaders to discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to agree upon collective policies and initiatives. The CPF takes place in the week preceding CHOGM and is organised by the Commonwealth Foundation, together with civil society and the host government. The CPF aims to raise the profile of civil society organisations and to strengthen links between them. It also seeks to create opportunities for dialogue between civil society and government ministers on priority issues in the Commonwealth. Inputs from the People’s Forum are eventually presented to CHOGM at the round table with Foreign Ministers. The CPF’s programme includes an opening plenary session, workshops on key issues and the CHOGM theme, field trips and the People’s Space, an interactive area with performances and mini-workshops, open to participants and visitors alike.