FaceTime vs WhatsApp for PC: Who wins the race?

22 Jun by CHOGM

FaceTime vs WhatsApp for PC: Who wins the race?

If you have a missed or rejected video call, you can click the FaceTime PC message to send the person an iMessage.

Did you know that FaceTime supports up to 31 simultaneous video calls? Talk about a party line!

It is called FaceTime Group. To use it you need iOS 12.1.4 or higher.

During a FaceTime call, you can add more people by pressing the plus sign and entering a name or number for the person you want to add. Repeat the steps to add more.

How To Do A Video Call On FaceTime PC?

To do a video call on the FaceTime PC, firstly, you need to download the FaceTime PC application. Then, install it same as you install other normal applications.

After the application is properly installed, visit the application, and submit the required details. Your data is extremely safe on the FaceTime PC application, thus don’t panic even a bit before submitting the data.

Now, tap “Submit”. You will be now submitted to your account. Here, you will see various options like the audio call, video call, group calls, etc.

Using these options, you can perform various operations that you desire.

See: make a FaceTime group call

Even if it’s not very popular, you can still use your “Memoji” on FaceTime. An emoji is an animated emoji that mimics your facial expressions in real-time.

You will need an iPhone X or later, an 11-inch iPad Pro, or a 12.9-inch third-generation iPad Pro. Open FaceTime to make a call. When the call starts, press the effect button that represents the star icon and touches the emoji you want to use.

Now the person you are talking to sees your FaceTime PC emoji instead of your real face.

As easy as making a FaceTime PC call on an iOS device, using a Mac laptop is as easy.

Remember to sign in with your Apple ID and activate FaceTime, which is only required once.

To make a FaceTime call:

1. Say, “Hi Siri, FaceTime [person’s name].

2. Click to open the FaceTime PC application. Enter the email address or phone number of the person you want to call at the top of the screen. You may need to press Enter.

3. Enter the person’s name if you have a FaceTime PC card for them in the contacts application. Just enter the person’s name. Now click on the camcorder button or the audio button that looks like a phone. When you click on the audio icon, you can choose to make an audio call from FaceTime or a normal call from Mac when iPhone is nearby.

If you make an unanswered or rejected video call, you can click the message to send an iMessage message to the person.

To add more people to your FaceTime PC conversation, you need macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or higher. During a FaceTime call, press the Add button and enter a different name or number for the person you want to add. Repeat the steps to add more (up to 31 people, including yourself).

You are now a FaceTime professional.

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You can make a FaceTime group call on your iPhone or iPad by creating a group in the messaging app or using an existing message group. You can also access Group FaceTime in the FaceTime app or call a contact in the phone app and add another person. After creating a FaceTime group, you can easily make the call using the phone app or the FaceTime app in the last section.

Conversation participants receive notification that a FaceTime call is in progress in the messages. It also shows how many participants are active. Your contacts must press the call key to join the call.

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