How is DGCustomerFirst expanding itself in small towns?

4 Jun by CHOGM

How is DGCustomerFirst expanding itself in small towns?

If you are not familiar with Dollar General, you will be. The retailer has 14,000 stores in 44 states, almost three times more than Walmart. 1,000 stores have been added each year for the past four years.

The general dollar is ubiquitous in small towns in the South and Midwest. Cities that are too small for another national retailer generally have a dollar. In Texas alone, there is generally $ 1,346 and in Ohio $ 700.

DGCustomerFirst Survey is the fastest-growing retail sector, according to Garrick Brown, vice president of retail research for Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate company in Chicago. He says an average of $ 5 a day opens somewhere in the United States every 4.5 hours, or in the past five years.

The great recession has been a boon to dollar stores as consumers in all income categories have become more price sensitive. Dollar stores have traditionally been more attractive to low-income groups, but wealthy consumers have discovered their strengths as economic fears mount. After the recession ended, they continued to shop at dollar stores. They all like it very much.

DGCustomerFirst Survey

This survey is introduced by the Dollar General at the official DGCustomerFirst Survey portal. This survey helps the Dollar General to analyze their services and make necessary changes to the same.

DGCustomerFirst Survey is one of the best customer satisfaction surveys in the market today. If you are participating in the DGCustomerFirst Survey, you ensure that you will be getting a much better customer experience on your next visit to the Dollar General.

Dollar General is the largest dollar chain with nearly twice as many stores as its closest competitor, Family Dollar. It is also more common in small towns.

DGCustomerFirst Survey has been working like magic for the customers and the management team of the Dollar General. This survey is purely launched to enhance the customer satisfaction level on the Dollar General premises.

DGCustomerFirst Survey hardly takes a few minutes to complete. The customers are also awarded decent rewards for participation in the DGCustomerFirst Survey. This survey can be conducted at

The chain has ambitious expansion plans. CEO Todd Vasos informed investors in March 2016 that the company plans to increase sales by 50% to $ 30 billion by 2020. The key to this growth will be the opening of new stores. His presentation included a map with 13,000 new “business opportunities”, mainly in small towns, including 79 in North Dakota.

Does retail analyst Brown expect Dollar General to eventually open up to 79 stores in North Dakota? “Absolutely,” he said. “There may be more.”

When Dollar General opened its first store in Springfield, Kentucky, in 1955, no item cost more than a dollar. This is no longer the case, but over 80% of products sell for $ 5 or less, and there is a small proportion of products sold for $ 1.

Today, the general dollar is most often compared to the DGCustomerFirst Survey general inventory of the ancient world, but with low prices as the main attraction. It carries a little of everything. The stores are relatively small and have an average sales area of ​​around 7,500 square meters, which is about twice the size of a convenience store, so shoppers can quickly get in and out. The average buyer spends less than 10 minutes in a store, according to the chain.

The retailer presents a remarkable range of products in 10 courses, from motor oil to budget underwear and DVDs. The typical store contains over 10,000 different items. Over-the-counter products like toilet paper, detergents, and health and beauty products seem to be more popular. You can also buy hangers, an Eiffel Tower table lamp, and an Atari video game system, the most expensive item at the Hankinson store that costs $ 40.

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