McDVOICE is eager to reopen the stores

25 May by CHOGM

McDVOICE is eager to reopen the stores

McDonald’s is preparing to return to life as usual. In a franchisee guide earlier this month, the company outlined the recommendations and requirements for reopening thousands of dining rooms. Coolant sources can remain closed, at least temporarily. Clients must be two meters away. Employees must wear masks and gloves, and even face protection if requested by the local government, the Wall Street Journal reported. “We have a responsibility to do the right thing, and sometimes it takes time to do the right thing,” a company spokesperson told the newspaper.

Cooks and cashiers view the company’s motivations very differently. Far from doing the right thing, they put the chain at risk for weeks to keep toys, groceries, and a handful of dining rooms open. Workers in 20 cities went on strike Wednesday, the largest attack on workers in a pandemic. They say they still don’t have enough protective gear, sometimes they face retaliation from managers who asked for more masks or gloves, and the disease’s lack of universal utility is worth stopping infections in stores. Some workers got sick, others fear to take the virus home.

The problems seem to be widespread. In a survey conducted by the Union Employee Service in April, 92% of participating McDonald’s employees said they had little or no access to the masks. Another 46% said they had similar glove problems, and 41% said they did not have enough hand sanitizers available. More than one in five said they got to work despite the illness, and 55% of those surveyed stated that they did not have a medical license to pay for the pressure to continue working.


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McDonald’s announced later this month that it had guaranteed masks for workers and that more hand sanitizers would be available in stores. In practice, however, these measures may be insufficient. The company is now the subject of a class-action lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois, after five workers and their families said they had not done enough to prevent the spread of the infection. According to the lawsuit, the managers of a Chicago “arbitrary” site provide and block hand sanitizers and protective equipment. When workers ordered the products, the leaders accused the workers of “wasting or stealing them.” If an employee from another Chicago location tested positive for COVID-19, the managers wouldn’t have said anything to the other employees. Chicago workers also filed OSHA complaints against and organized a tour in April.

The workers appeared exhausted on Wednesday. They spoke to other fans and asked McDonald’s to pay for the dangers. “As you can see and hear, I am a person like you,” said Fran Marion, who works for a franchise company in Kansas City. I may not be a doctor or a nurse, but I work on the front lines like her and I am as human as she is. We get PSAs, risks, medical help, and $ 15.

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