MyWegmansConnect ending the use of the single use plastic on its premises

27 May by CHOGM

MyWegmansConnect ending the use of the single use plastic on its premises

Wegmans will soon be removing disposable plastic bags from all New York stores beginning Monday, January 27.

The measure provides for a New York state ban that will take effect on March 1, 2020.

Wegmans will transform all of its customers into reusable bags. Shoppers can also get paper bags, but Wegmans charges $ 0.05 per paper bag for local or county government purchases for which there is no $ 0.05 paper bag fee.

By adding fees for each paper bag, we want to encourage the introduction of reusable bags and, over time, achieve our goal of eliminating all disposable bags, said Jason Wadsworth, manager of packaging and sustainable development for Wegmans. “This approach was successful in our two-store pilot. Today, an average of 20% of the bags used at all Wegmans stores are reusable. However, at our pilot stores in Corning and Ithaca, we have changed this statistic to only 20% of used bags are disposable. ”

The money from the paper bag fees is donated to a local grocery bank.

Wegmans recently surveyed customers and found that 95% of their customers already have at least one reusable bag and 87% have three or more reusable bags.

Wegmans tested the ban on single-use plastic bags at two of its stores in Corning and Ithaca and found that it was successful.

MyWegmansConnect Survey FAQ

What is Survey?

This is a customer satisfaction survey introduced by the Wegmans to make sure that the customers are happy with the services and the products offered. is one of the most important tools for Wegmans to be the best in the world.

Where can I access the MyWegmansConnect Survey?

You can access this MyWegmansConnect Survey at the official website

Is Survey portal easy for the customers to use?

Yes. It is extremely secure for each and every customer to access the official survey portal.

How do I participate in the Survey?

To participate in the MyWegmansConnect Survey, you need to visit the survey portal and follow some very simple steps. It is extremely easy for each and every customer to participate in this survey.

The owners said they were unsure when or if a closing sale would take place, adding that this could depend on whether Erie County entered stage 2 of the reopening process. A decision will be made in the coming weeks.

It was one of the great privileges of our lives to own and operate The Second Reader, and we will always appreciate the many amazing people he has brought into our lives!

I always thank the community on Hertel Avenue, where our used bookstore has been for 18 years.

Earlier this month, another company on Hertel Avenue, Pastry by Camille, announced the final closure.

Camille’s patisserie, Camille Le Ca’r, said goodbye to customers in a message saying, “Goodbye, Hertel Avenue, thank you very much, but I made my decision. Thank you so much to my team and all the greedy, we can meet to meet up. new.

To ensure the safety of customers and employees, employees complete a wellness form at the beginning of each shift, wash their hands frequently, and wear masks throughout the shift. The plexiglass is registered in the register.

Wegmans says it has also increased the frequency of cleaning in its stores and added hand sanitizers.

The store also has restrictions on what people can do. The restrictions are listed below:

  • Purified, Distilled and Mineral Water, 1 gallon (maximum 4 per customer)
  • Hand sanitizer (maximum 3 per customer)
  • Alcohol (maximum 3 per customer)
  • Alcohol wipes and sanitary towels (limit 3 per customer)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (limit 3 per customer)
  • All Wegman’s disinfectant wipes, number 75 (maximum 2 per customer)
  • All Clorox disinfecting wipes (maximum 2 per customer)

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